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  • Forbidden Body Jewelry simple straight barbell
  • Solid Grade 23 Titanium, 100% nickel free and hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for a wide variety of piercings – select gauge, length and ball size
  • *Please see product description for assistance in choosing the right size barbell for your piercing*

These Forbidden Body Jewelry basic barbells are used for a variety of piercings for men and women. To help our valued customers choose the right jewelry, we’d like to share some information about common piercings and their standard gauges & suggested lengths. The piercings we will go over are tongue, nipple, and various intimate and cartilage piercings. These are merely suggestions, and we strongly encourage measuring length and confirming personal gauge size to ensure an accurate fit prior to purchase. For tongue rings, 14 gauge is the most common size and 16mm is the standard length; 12mm is typially considered short for the tongue and 19mm would be long. For nipple piercings, 14 gauge is the most common gauge size and the bar length generally ranges from 12mm to 22mm; because nipples vary so much in size, measurement is required to ensure a perfect length choice. Male intimate piercings typically range from 8 gauge to 14 gauge, with 12 gauge being common. These barbells can be used for male Palang, Ampallang, Frenum & Apadravya piercings. Measuring is required to choose the correct length. Measurement must be done during full engorgement to ensure a proper fit. The most common female intimate piercings include VCH & HCH piercings, and these are usually 14 gauge. As with the male piercings, length is dependent on one’s own anatomy, and therefore no specific recommendation can be made on length. These barbells can also be used as cartilage earrings. Tragus earrings, helix earrings and conch earrings are typically 16 gauge or 18 gauge, and 8mm is the standard length. For these, 6mm would be a slightly shorter option and 10mm would be the longer option. The anti tragus is usually 16 gauge or 18 gauge, and takes either a 6mm or 8mm bar. Lastly, an industrial piercing is most commonly 14 gauge and the standard bar length is 38mm. You can reach out to our Customer Happiness Team any time with specific questions – our friendly associates look forward to assisting you!


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